Netizens LOL Over ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Statement Concerning His Butt

The funny story that goes with it is just as funny.

One thing that ATEEZ‘s fans love about the group’s members is that they don’t hold back when they talk.

It has led to many funny moments and famous quotes from the idols. We’ve even written about times when they said things that didn’t seem real, but were.

Seonghwa recently added another quote like this to ATEEZ‘s long list of funny lines. This one is sure to make ATINYs laugh for a while.

Seonghwa sent the following message to ATINYs through the fan app Universe.

The translator chose to use “ass” instead of “butt” for some reason, even though the word the ATEEZ member used could be translated either way!

Even by itself, the message is pretty funny. But the joke gets even funnier when you find out why Seonghwa asked that question.

It turns out that San, another member of the group, was the one who told fans about Seonghwa‘s butt.

On January 29, he told a story about what happened while the two of them were sleeping in a waiting room.

They were laying on opposite sides of the bed, and San says that in his dreams he felt like he was touching something soft.

After squeezing it about 50 times, and after the older ATEEZ member “threatened” him, he realized it was Seonghwa‘s butt!

Here are the translated versions of the actual messages that San sent about the whole thing.

Funny enough, this isn’t the first time Universe has put the word “ass” into one of Seonghwa‘s messages.

People’s responses to the story about how San accidentally squished Seonghwa‘s behind are both funny and understandable.

We have to include too many funny tweets!

Funny stories like this always show how close the people in ATEEZ are to each other.



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