Korean Netizens Are Divided On LE SSERAFIM’s Stage Outfits At The “37th Golden Disc Awards”

“They shouldn’t look like a funeral choir…”

Since their first show in 2022, LE SSERAFIM‘s members have been known for their brightly colored outfits that show off their own styles and personalities.

Even though LE SSERAFIM‘s outfits and looks are usually praised, their recent appearance at the 37th Golden Disc Awards Press Conference was criticized a lot.

Before the important awards ceremony on January 5, LE SSERAFIM went to Thailand.

Even though it was cold and they were getting ready to go on a trip, the members looked great in clothes that showed off their different styles and personalities.

On December 6 (local time), the group and fellow HYBE artist ENHYPEN went to a press conference for the awards show.

The members walked out together, and when they posed for the press, they all looked great.

All of the members wore clothes that were different from one another. Even though Kazuha was the right size to wear a long dress…

Yunjin wore a cute babydoll-style dress, while the others wore shorter dresses.

Sakura and Chaewon wore two-piece outfits that were both dressy and casual.

And Eunchae, the youngest member, wore a cute grey dress that was just right for her age.

Even though the outfits were all different and none stood out more than the others, people on the internet had different opinions about them.

Some people couldn’t deny that the members looked great…

Some people said that the colors and styles of their clothes made them look like a choir or a group of children.

Many people also said that the outfits looked simple and that it looked like anyone could do the job, even if they didn’t have any qualifications.

A lot of people also thought that the colors and styles were too dull and didn’t look good on the young idols.

Especially for Kazuha and Yunjin, the tailoring didn’t show off their shapes and seemed to be too big or too small.

People will always have different opinions about clothes, but the members’ clothes don’t seem to do them justice.

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