Netizens praise NMIXX’s Haewon for her smooth MC-ing skills on her first broadcast of KBS2’s “Music Bank”

Netizens thought that NMIXX‘s Haewon did a great job as MC on her first show on KBS2’s “Music Bank.”

On January 7 KST, Haewon and the actor Lee Chaemin debuted as the special hosts of the music show “Music Bank” on KBS2.

In the January 7 episode, Haewon stood next to actor Lee Chaemin, who was the special MC for the day.

On this day, netizens were most impressed by Haewon’s beauty and the way she was able to deliver her lines smoothly and act very natural while interviewing the other artists.

See what Haewon and Lee Chaemin can do as MCs down below!

Some of the comments made by netizens in response were:

“I don’t know this friend, but she seems to have a 4D personality. I bet her V-lives are fun as well? she does well”

“F*cking good??? I wish they had chosen her as the MC. I can’t remember the last time I saw an MC with a lot of energy.”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard her speak, and I love how she says things. She is good at MCing and does it well.”

“She’s really good. I hope that she is chosen to be the next MC.”

“Haewon has so many good qualities it’s crazy!”

“This is how it is done…”

“Maybe her voice sounds different because she is good at singing. She also reads her script so well and with such talent? I hope she stays the main character.”

“She has such good speech”

“I really want Haewon to be the main character. She’s really great.”

“I think she’d be good at acting, too, if she tried it. Her speech is great.”



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