Fans Defended The Boyz’s Younghoon Against Rude Messages From A ‘Troll’ On Bubble

This fan’s self-centered attitude has shocked the Internet.

A purported Younghoon admirer on the premium messaging service Bubble has been sending him really rude messages.

Sender posted screenshots of OP being openly disrespectful to idol in response to fan’s sincere remark.

Younghoon promised his “fan” that he would continue to work hard, and the “fan” responded by saying that Younghoon had made them feel ashamed.

Younghoon :I can’t show you the Younghoon you’ll like straight away, but I can exhibit you the Younghoon who is constantly developing and growing.

OP: Funny that you’re just now trying to practice. You’ve already been out for five years. If you want to get better, you need to practice more. I can’t even bring myself to admit that The Boyz are a favorite band of mine because of how humiliated I would feel if anyone knew I liked you.

Younghoon: ㅎㅎ Thank you for your pretty words. Aja Aja fighting.

The Boyz‘s label, IST Entertainment, has come under fire from fans who want the company to do more to safeguard its musicians after this incident.

Even others who don’t follow the musician are shocked to learn that a fan would publicly criticize their favorite artist on a paid site.

Wow…Honestly, kids who can post crap like that in their private messages honestly probably lack some brains, especially the Kim Younghoon die-hard admirers. What the hell!

To me, the idea that one of his fans posted this to boast is far more interesting.

You shouldn’t have to spend money on sending a message like that. You could have bought yourself another drink with that money.

Kids like that should be honest and say that they despise tanning beds.

This culture of fangirling has gone way too far, man. She is losing her mind, and she is probably too far gone to notice it on her own. Extreme fans are the worst kind of people.

That’s a very cruel thing to say. How can they treat Younghoon so disrespectfully!



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