LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin and Kazuha grace the cover of the January issue of “Singles” magazine, and the two make a striking pair

Huh Yunjin and Kazuha from LE SSERAFIM are the faces of the ‘Singles‘ magazine cover.

The two covers of the January issue of the fashion magazine feature the two idol members, who appear like royalty and showcase their excellent visuals.

Long robes are seen on both Huh Yunjin and Kazuha as they pose in front of an opulent marble fireplace.

The early look at the fashion magazine’s January covers is generating excitement online as netizens ogle their beauty.

Netizens then commented:

I adore these two,”

“They are the embodiment of purity and luxury. The Japanese member appears Korean, and the Korean American member appears Japanese. “

“They are so beautiful. They are the best. Huh Yunjin looks so wonderful in blond hair. “

“They’re my favorite members, and these images turned out beautifully. They are stunning, “Their visual combo is so wild,”

“They look like queens,”

“It’s very nice to see them together.”

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