How are Korean online community reacting to Dawn liking ex-girlfriend HyunA’s breakup post

Love doesn’t exist.
Netizens reacted to the fact that Dawn liked HyunA‘s Instagram post about their breakup, in which they are no longer together.

Fans from all over the world were astonished to find out on November 30 that HyunA and Dawn, her longtime partner and fiance, had broken up.

HyunA told her Instagram followers about her new relationship status when she posted that she and her boyfriend had indeed broken up.

HyunA said,“Our relationship is officially over. We’ve decided to keep being good friends and coworkers from now on. Thank you for always being there for us and looking out for us with love.”

Fans were once again shocked to find out that the idol’s ex-boyfriend, Dawn, liked the post.

Netizens couldn’t believe that the power couple was no longer together, especially since the couple had just announced that they were getting married.

“Are you serious? I assumed they were doing something.”

“Is it true?”

“There are a lot of couples who break up right just before they get married. I wanted to know if that is what happened.”
“Woah. Is it true? They were so cute together… I just can’t believe it.”

What’s all the fuss about? People who aren’t famous date and break up all the time.

“I think they’re doing something.”

Other Internet users thought that the fact that Dawn liked HyunA’s post showed that the two were probably still friends and praised the couple’s cool attitude.

“He liked (the post). LOL. I still think they are getting along. They are really cool.”
“They’re so awesome. What’s happening?”

“I think it’s cool that he liked the post. It looks like they got along well and still do.”
“Do you think they’re still getting along? LOL. “Yeah, sure.”
“It looks like they’re still getting along. I assumed they were from Hollywood because they are so cool.

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