LE SSERAFIM Sakura shares a Korean culture she found hard to adapt to

Sakura of LE SSERAFIM uploaded episode two of her YouTube series Fearless Kkura on November 30.

This day, Sakura picked up where she left off in episode one, when she was told to make 100 cabbages into kimchi.

Sakura washed vegetables, seasoned them with salt and pepper, and more with the help of her guest Kangnam.

While working, Kangnam told a story about his time spent learning about Korean culture.

He said, “When I first got to Korea, I went to the sauna and had a strange thing happen. The men would hop in the bath and exclaim, “The water is so cool!” despite the fact that it was boiling hot.”

When Sakura heard this, she also said, “People kept asking me, “Did you eat?” and I didn’t know why. I asked myself, “Why do they care if I did eat or not? Do they want me to come to a meal?’ So I always said, “Yes, I ate,” even if I hadn’t eaten. I didn’t want to dine with people I didn’t even know very well.”

When Sakura and Kangnam were making kimchi, their mother said, “It‘s just a way for Koreans to show that they care about their neighbors. If someone says they haven’t eaten, we take them home and feed them.”

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