Kep1er’s Chaehyun Is Making Headlines All Over The Internet Thanks To Her Breathtaking Visuals During 2022 MAMA

She looked as if she had come from another world.

Since their debut earlier this year, Kep1er has mainly stuck to concepts that are young, new, and cute in nature with their music releases.

Because their ages range from 17 to 26, it makes sense that they would aim for a more youthful audience. However, they have won over many adults with their catchy tunes, likable personalities, and undeniable talent.

At one point during the 2022 MAMAs, the group dressed more maturely, donning short, silky dresses that made them look like princesses.

Especially because of how beautiful Chaehyun was, she got a lot of attention. Chaehyun‘s already pretty features were brought out by her form-fitting, asymmetrical dress, which made her look both mature and still young.

The lead singer showed that she’s also a great-looking person by turning heads and even getting mentioned in an online forum post.

The author of a post called “Kim Chaehyun at MAMA today was legendary” says, “This is her most beautiful look to date. She’s so pretty, and on top of that, she’s the lead singer… She looks great in what she wore today.”

People who commented just on the post did agree with the writer that the talented idol looked beautiful at the award ceremony.

So Chaehyun was a pure beauty.
“So she was pretty? I can’t believe what I’m seeing”

“Her face is definitely the kind that boys like. As a girl, of course, I like her too”
She is pretty, has a beautiful voice, and seems like a fun person. I can see her doing even after Kep1er breaks up.” “Sometimes Chaehyun’s eyes remind me of Wendy during the Power Up era… hella pretty. And Chaehyun‘s voice is beautiful, like something from Disney. I hope she does something like SSFWL by Oh My Girl or ILY:1 Love in Bloom.
“She looks so good”

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