“Little Jennie” Ella Gross Is All Grown Up Now, And Her Visuals Have Completely Changed

There is a child star who has been in the spotlight ever since she was young. She got a lot of attention for how pretty she was, and everyone was interested in what she would do with her life.

As a child model, Ella Gross caught people’s attention. When it came out in 2018 that she had signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment‘s sub-label, The Black Label, she got a lot more attention.

Since then, she has been known for her great looks, especially how much she looks like BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. She was often called “Little Jennie” or “Jennie’s little sister,” and the girl group and fans loved her very much.

Since the news that Ella Gross signed with YG‘s sub-label came out four years ago, many people have been wondering what the young star has been up to.

Ella Gross‘s fans are glad that she keeps them up to date on her life through her social media accounts and shows how much she has changed over the years.

Fans were stunned by how much she had grown and how beautiful she was. Netizens said:

“She’s so beautiful”

“She looks like she’d be a good fit for NewJeans, too.”

“In the last picture, she looks like the actress Han So Hee.”

“She still looks the same, but she’s older now, lol”

“She looks very much like Jennie now lol”

“Is she with YG still?”

“She is 15 already”

“She makes me think of NewJeans, lol”

“She got so pretty as she aged”

“She appears to look like NingNing too”

“As she grew up, she got a more western look.”

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