TXT’s Soobin Snaps An Unexpectedly Sultry Selfie With Lexi Rivera, And Leaves Fans Absolutely Shook

TOMORROW X TOGETHER‘s Soobin caused a stir at the American Music Awards with his heart-thumping mirror selfie with TikTok star Lexi Rivera.

On November 21, Lexi Rivera took to her personal Instagram to share various photos, writing, “On my way @amas“.

In one of the photos shared, TXT member Soobin was seen posing charismatically next to a smiling Lexi in a mirror selfie.

TXT‘s Soobin surprised many with his handsome visuals, also making hearts flutter with his tall height that towered over TikTok star Lexi Rivera.

With his blonde hair styled back and donning a chic black suit, Soobin showed off his “older brother” charms that captivated the hearts of many fans.

One netizen took to an online community forum and along with Soobin and Lexi‘s photo, wrote, “Just…This is so cool. This is a photo [Lexi] took with TXT at the American music awards ceremony AMAs, sigh.

She added, “Everyone who previously took photos with Soobin were always his ‘noona’ (how Koreans refer to an ‘older sister’), but I really can’t get used to Soobin being an ‘oppa’ (how Koreans refer to an ‘older brother’). Loll“.

Lexi Rivera is currently 21 years old, born in 2001, which makes her a year younger than Soobin, who was born in 2000 and is currently turning 22 years old this December.

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