LE SSERAFIM Effortlessly Slays “Run BTS” Dance Challenge, Say Netizens

With a new dance challenge, LE SSERAFIM has once again shown how good they are at performing and dancing.

BTS is known for having hard dance moves and complicated choreography in their performances.

Recently, BTS posted a video of them practicing the “Run BTS” dance, which was praised for showing how passionate they always are.

This inspired to the latest dance challenge, and LE SSERAFIM have shown off their version of “Run BTS.”

People saw the girls dancing to “Run BTS,” and their dancing skills were praised.

After watching LE SSERAFIM’s “Run BTS” dance challenge, Netizens praised:

“They’re great”

“Wow, Eunchae is great!”

“They dance so well it’s crazy”

“Everyone is really good at dancing”

“This is great!”

“The two people in the middle are great”

“I knew Chaewon was good, but I didn’t realize she was this good.”

Sakura has really changed a lot”

Eunchae is the best dancer, in my opinion”

Eunchae and Chaewon are so great”

“They are so good, I can tell that Sakura worked hard to get that good.”

“Those people are so cool.”

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