IVE’s Leeseo becomes Jang Wonyoung’s doppelganger with her glittery eye make-up

In IVE member Leeseo‘s most recent photo, she looks a lot like fellow member Wonyoung, which got a lot of attention.

On November 14, KST, a netizen posted to an online community with the title, “I really see Wonyoung in Leeseo’s photo“.

Here, the netizen posted several pictures of Leeseo in her stage outfit and makeup.

With sparkly eye makeup on her large, cat-shaped eyes and red lips, Leeseo looked a lot like her fellow IVE member Wonyoung, which surprised many netizens.

Look at Leeseo’s pictures down below!

Netizens said:

“Their different facial expressions look a lot alike.”

“I thought for sure it was Wonyoung.”

“Whoa, what’s going on?

“She kind of appears to look like Changmin from TVXQ”

“If you watch the videos of Leeseo, you’ll notice that the way she talks is just right for her age.”

Leeseo looks so beautiful when she smiles.”

“Like Wonyoung, Leeseo has lost a lot of weight and wears makeup in a similar way.”

“Is it because of how she puts on her make-up?”

“Their ways of singing are also the same.”

“So pretty.”

Leeseo is very attractive.”

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