BLACKPINK members reacts as fan inks tattoo bearing Jennie’s name on her chest

BLACKPINK is currently on a world concert tour, and after each show, they got to talk to their fans from all over the world.

A video of how one fan talked to the members of BLACKPINK recently went viral because she showed them something that completely shocked them.

In the video, you can hear a fan who is also recording the video calling out to Jennie. When Jennie and Jisoo‘s attention is caught, the fan says, “I got a tattoo of your name in Korea. Only for you, it’s real“.

After Jennie‘s shocked “Really?” Yes, it’s real, the fan said. In the picture that the fan showed, her tattoo in Korean says “Kim Jennie“.

Both Jennie and Jisoo looked shocked and put their hands over their mouths.

Jisoo then licked her finger and gestured like she was trying to erase the fan’s tattoo, as if she wanted to see if the fan was telling the truth about the tattoo. Lisa and Rosé, who were nearby, were also shocked by what the fan had done.

Netizens commented:

“I feel the same way as Rosé’, for real.”

“Rosé and Lisa’s response is a total joke.”

Jennie‘s ‘broken’ response is so funny.”

“Because of the font, the tattoo looks like it says ‘Kim. Jen. Nie.’ LOL.”

Rosé and Lisa, LOLLLLLLL”.

“So funny. The look on their face is so real. LOL. This is what I call a reality show.”

Rosé’s reaction, LOL”.

“Wow, their writing was so clear and nice. Lol.”

Jennie was shocked to the core. LOL.”

“After a long time, I laughed out loud. LOL.”

“That’s a little bit scary. Loll. There is a big difference between touched by fans and being afflicted by fans.”

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