Oh My Girl’s Arin’s Bold Makeup Turns Her From Cutie to Baddie, and Netizens Love It!

Arin from Oh My Girl always knows what to do.

As the back-up singer, lead dancer, and maknae, she can “digest” any look with ease.

This time, her eyes are the focus of her makeup, rather than her lips or cheeks. 

Arin reveals off her bold side in a manner which is still sweet and cute by sweeping a dark, smokey eyeshadow across her lower lashline.

Also, some other makeup look with this photoshoot tends to focus on her long, thick eyelashes with a touch of coral dark and magenta lip.

Fans are so impressed by Arin‘s capacity to pull off dramatic makeup, even though she looks just as beautiful with less.

Fans can’t help but rush to the comment section and said:

I thought the first picture was of Hyuna.

I thought she wouldn’t be able to pull this off, but it works for her.

Wow, if you hadn’t said it was Arin, I wouldn’t have known it was her. This style also works for her.

She has a different kind of beauty. She used to be a chick princess, but she really grew up pretty.

In the second picture, she kind of looks like Hyuna.

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