When K-Netizens condemn Chen for self-promotion under EXO, his international fanbase steps in to defend him

On the tenth anniversary of his debut, EXO Chen shared his thoughts.

At 11 a.m. on November 14th, Chen hosted a media conference for his third mini album, titled “Last Scene,” online.

When asked how he felt on the tenth anniversary of his debut, Chen replied, “A lot of these things have happened over the years.”

And then, with a grin, he recalled, “I remember the embarrassing encounter the first time I met the members.”

Chen later admitted, “Certainly, I desire to go to that time.”

He continued, “I’m curious about whether I will be clearly distinct from what I am now if I return to my debut and start over.”

At 6 o’clock that evening, Chen will release his new album in its entirety across multiple music streaming services.

However, some of the netizens are upset and rushed in the comment section:

Please leave

I’m crying again, Jongdae-yah. Quit prefixing your name with “EXO.”

What’s the status of his popularity, if any?

Holy cow! I think he just upset both parties with that statement.

I’ve liked EXO for a decade, but everything that anyone was trying to rely on has crumbled because of you. Don’t bother coming back to us… Please, I beg you…

It sounds like he’s gunning for a group promotion.

Is he implying that if he could change the past, he wouldn’t want to become a parent so much as to keep pursuing his career as an idol?

Don’t rush to judgment….give it some more thought.

I was taken aback by the headline and decided to check it out; seriously, this is ridiculous.

For what possible reason would he make such a remark?

Fans then quickly defended Chen and said:

He only said he wants to go back to his debut days, but netizens are making it sound like something else. If you don’t care about him as much as you say you do, please leave him alone.

I would never understand what happened between him and knetz. Dude didn’t do anything bad; he just took care of his family. Then he’ll have to deal with stupid comments and insufficient support.

All these women are mad at him because he found love and had children. Just because no one wants to carry your children doesn’t mean you should take it out on him.

If these knetz are still upset about jongdae getting married and having kids, they must have a bad love life.

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  1. EXO is NINE… It’s NINE or NONE.. We are very happy to see Chen’s comeback!! EXO-L are very proud of him.. We will continue to support him all the way!!!

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