Netizens are annoyed that Kang Daniel made fun of his mistake rather than sincerely saying sorry to the advertisers

Kang Daniel said he was sorry for saying the wrong name of an ad product live on Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” by accident.

KONNECT Entertainment said this about Kang Daniel‘s apology: “Kang Daniel made a mistake when he said the wrong brand. Due to the heated tone of the final broadcast, he was confused for a moment. We’re sorry to the people who saw the ad and to the company that made it.”

The last episode of Mnet’s dance survival show “Street Man Fighter” aired live on November 8 KST. Here, the host of the show, Kang Daniel, said, “Thank you to the people in charge of our ads. ‘Trevi’ is delicious! Just kidding. But I only sort of mean it.” Right after the show aired, many viewers were surprised because the ad brand sponsoring “Street Man Fighter” is “Seagram,” not “Trevi.” Kang Daniel‘s slip of the tongue seems to have hurt ‘Seagram,’ since their money was used to promote ‘Trevi,’ which is a competitor.

After staying quiet at first, Kang Daniel‘s representatives finally came forward to say they were sorry.

Seagram is the main company that pays for “SMF.” They helped make things for 6 months. During the live show, Daniel Kang said, “Thank you to the advertiser,” and then yelled, “Trevi is delicious!”

A scene that can’t help but make the main sponsor look bad. A person in charge of broadcasting didn’t like him and said, “The MC doesn’t even know his ‘fundamentals.'”

A person in the advertising business said, “Advertisers don’t want people to be nice. But we don’t want to be treated badly.” “I’ve never seen an MC in the history of broadcasting praise a competitor’s brand.”

Netizens then commented:

Seriously, what a f*cking idiot.

I can’t take any more of watching him MC… What kind of careless employee are you, aigo? If anything, he should be thankful that they are not suing him.

Someone’s professional life might be over because of this… Formerly successful youth have been vanishing, and there’s a good explanation.

Is that what you mean by “half sincere”?

Even more off-putting than his “Half serious” claim is the way he delivered it.

A joke? Half-serious? This guy really has no social graces.

I really don’t know how to feel about him at this point; I could either feel sorry for him or think he’s the worst person ever to be assigned this job.

More than anything, I can’t believe he’s trying to play it off as funny instead of admitting his error.

As usual, he is the one who creates his own controversy.

My God…. This guy doesn’t even bother to get ready for work.

Unreasonable and unprepared in the basics

Always reliable, that one.

He takes financial security very lightly.

I mean, this guy is consistent.

Exactly what sort of blunder is that? That’s what he thinks life is like, easy? In my opinion, he could benefit from some kind of financial counseling.

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