Fangirls Go Crazy Over BTS’s Jungkook’s Duality In Latest Photobooth Pics

“He has the face of a princess but the shoulders of an oppa,”

Surely it’s not just us, but Jungkook of BTS seems more handsome with each passing day.

No matter what his hair or piercings length may be, or what he may be wearing, Jungkook can make any girl go weak at the knees.

To achieve the effortless duality he possesses, which many others must work for, he combines mature and handsome looks with an innocent and charming demeanor.

Recently, some photos taken of Jungkook in a photobooth have been making the rounds on social media, and his fans can’t get enough of them!

He adopts several endearing poses throughout the photo set.

On a Korean online forum, the photos were posted with many comments gushing over the BTS maknae’s beauty.

Netizens then took time to comment the following:

Don’t make me ask twice, Jeon Jungkook: we should get married

Predestined to be a star

I’m not afraid of you, you cunning fox

His features are those of a prince, but his physique is more typical of an oppa.

Even in poorly captured screengrabs, his face is insane.

Totally too stunning to ignore That hotness is out of control.

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