“Who is that man?” Fans were intrigued with the identity of the man Jia brought to the Ski Resort

Jia, who used to a member of Miss A, was caught at a ski resort.

Chinese news outlets like Sina and Wang Yi said on November 9th that Jia had gone to a ski resort with a man, citing a paparazzi report.

Jia took a man with her to the ski resort in her car. The guy was sitting in the passenger seat, and Jia was driving.

After that, she put on a board suit and went to the slope.

Jia, who was riding the board, got off the board, went over to the man who was with her, and the two of them rode the board together. Even more, he took a photo of Jia.

After that, they changed into their everyday clothes and laughed and talked as they left the ski resort. No one knows who the man was who went skiing with Jia.

Jia, a Chinese member of Miss A, left the group in 2016 when her contract with JYP Entertainment come to an end. Since then, he has signed a contract with a Chinese entertainment company and has been starting to work as a singer, broadcaster, and actor in China.

In 2019, the public found out about the son of a rich Singaporean and a businessman, as well as his fans.



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