Netizens say LE SSERAFIM with just 4 members feels empty without Huh Yunjin

LE SSERAFIM has become a hot topic because of their photos in Inkigayo with Huh Yunjin.

On October 6, a post about LE SSERAFIM began trending on Nate’s community board Pann under the title, “Why LE SSERAFIM Look So Empty Without Huh Yunjin?“.

The netizen who wrote the post wonder why LE SSERAFIM looks empty without Huh Yunjin and praying for her fast recovery.

Recently, Huh Yunjin has tested positive for COVID-19 and LE SSERAFIM will currently promote as 4 members temporarily until Huh Yunjin recovers.

Other netizens commented:

“I’m not trying to argue, but isn’t it obvious that if you only have five members, you’ll look empty with one less member?”

“Even more shocking is to see what they do on stage. It’s the first time I’ve felt such a big hole in the group because of one person. It looks like Huh Yunjin is one of the most important people in LE SSERAFIM

You can tell that LE SSERAFIM would not exist without Huh Yunjin, but I was more impressed by how well the other members filled her spot.

The style of the group is “strong,” but they lost their strong character… Only Kazuha appears a bit powerful

I think that “a lot to say” part can only be done by Huh Yunjin. This shows just how good Huh Yunjin is.

What are your thoughts?



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