Red Velvet’s Yeri radiates chic style and lovely personality in new images for “Dazed”

Red Velvet‘s Yeri exuded a variety of charms.

On November 7, Joy Gryson‘s side released a pictorial showing the charms of Red Velvet‘s Yeri.

This photo shoot was done in Paris, France, for the magazine Dazed. In the photo shoot, Yeri got people’s attention by making a classy atmosphere with the way she wore clothes.

In particular, with a pink argyle-patterned cardigan, a short pink skirt, and a small brown bag, Yeri showed off her chic style and lovely personality.

In another cut, she wore all black, including a black Mustang with a hoodie design and a black mini bag that had a modern feel. Her intense eyes drew everyone’s attention.

Yeri showed off her unbeatable style with a long, cream-colored goose-down coat and a cross-body bag in the shape of a circle.

In the published photo, Yeri is wearing clothes and bags from the 2022 F/W season by the New York designer brand Joy Gryson. This picture story can be found on the digital channel for Dazed.



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