Many people are surprised after seeing Park Bo Gum’s photos from high school

Park Bo Gum‘s old photos from high school are getting people interested in him more.

On November 5, a post about Park Bo Gum began trending on TheQoo‘s community board under the title, “Park Bogum’s photos were at school when his face was said to be popular“.

The netizen who wrote the post added some pictures of the actor when he was young. Park Bo Gum alone were in the photos, which was taken from his high school.

In the photos, Park Bo Gum shows off his good looks, which haven’t changed much over time. As a famous person, he still had the cute eyes and smooth skin that made him famous.

Many netizens were amazed by how good his visuals were, even though he was still young.

Netizens commented:

“Freaking handsome. Really, he had never done anything bad in his life”

“He was so good looking even in high school”

“His face is so small, he’s so handsome”

“He looks so mature for a high school student”

“Seeing him like this, he didn’t look like Lee Hyun Woo at all. But why did I think back then that he looked like Lee Hyun Woo? ㅋㅋㅋ I used to mix him up with Lee Hyun Woo back then.”

“He is very handsome and also very cute. He liked dressing up when he was in high school because he wanted to look cool. So, he didn’t look old, and he seemed to be acting cool in a good way. Bogummy, who has always been handsome but is now an adult man, has kept his good looks and boyish spirit”

“No way he wouldn’t have been famous”

“I don’t see Lee Hyun Woo at all in the picture of him holding the Peperos, but back then I got the two mixed up so much…”

“Even now, his clothes don’t have a country look.”

“Aren’t those photos taken right now? Freaking handsome”

“His face was already given when he was young. There were only stories about how kind he was that remained.”

“Even though those are old pictures, they don’t look at all tacky.”

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