LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha captures the heart of a young boy with her striking eyes in “The Return of Superman”

Members of LE SSERAFIM got to appear in “The Return of Superman” with Sayuri, a single mom, and her cute son Zen.

Out of Kazuha, Eunchae, and Sakura, it really was Kazuha who really caught Zen‘s attention. He was always thinking about her.

Zen might have liked Kazuha even more because of how gracefully she danced. Zen was so mesmerized by Kazuha that he couldn’t stop looking at her.

Soon, Zen came over and tried to do what she was trying to show him.

Kazuha tried a few more things to get Zen to act like himself. They were amazed by how quickly the little boy picked up on Kazuha‘s moves, and he made them laugh with his cute attempts.

He even also do a pirouette! See how happy he is as he smiles at Kazuha.

Eunchae and Sakura decided to join in the fun and started showing him other dance moves as well. Zen did not let them down and made them happy.

Sayuri learned from this that Zen gets excited quickly. She was thinking about putting him in a dance to use his energy in a good way.

Sayuri is a famous Japanese TV personality who often appears in Korean variety shows. Sayuri decided to have a baby through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in 2021, and she would raise the child by herself.

She is the very first single mom to be in “The Return of Superman“.

Watch Zen‘s entire cute LLE SSERAFIM experience here:



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