Chinese idol Liu Yaowen catches fans off guard with a phone screen wallpaper of NewJeans’ Haerin

Chinese idol Liu Yaowen has become a hot topic because of his phone screen wallpaper.

On October 29, a post about Liu Yaowen began trending on Nate‘s community board under the title, “TNT’s Liu Yao Wen, who is the most popular male idol in China right now, was seen with a photo of NewJeans’ Haerin as his phone screen wallpaper“.

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “The phone background picture of Liu Yaowen, a member of the boy band TNT, became a huge trend on Chinese social media sites“.

The netizen added, “Some fans recognized the phone in the picture as Haerin‘s, so his name also became a popular search term

Meanwhile, Korean netizens quickly responded with comments such as:

Wow, he must be a really big fan.

Fans should take the fact that he doesn’t have a girlfriend as a good sign, since it’s Haerin and there’s no way those two have ever even met.

I mean, I get it. It is Haerin.

Isn’t that good for his fans though? That means he’s not going out with anyone.

He is a fan of NewJeans.

That’s adorable.

Hey dude, get in line.

It’s hilarious, but I’m sure it surprised some fans.

I like Haerin too.

I think it’s kind of like when a K-Pop star says they like a beautiful Hollywood actress… There probably won’t be any close contact.

Even if you like Haerin, please think about the fact that your fans might attack her in a bad way and change it.

Oh, he’s kind of cute.

What are your thoughts?



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