ARMYs are mind blown by BTS RM’s enviable height and proportion at W Korea’s “2022 Love Your W” Event

BTS’s RM has become a hot topic because of his enviable height and proportions.

On October 28, a post about RM began trending on Nate‘s community board under the title, “The Reason Why ‘Black Turtleneck’ Was Trending Yesterday on Twitter“.

On this day, RM and J-Hope, two of BTS‘s 94-liners, were seen at an event called “Love Your W“, which was part of the 17th Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

The global idols showed up at the event out of the blue and got a lot of attention for their cool, all-black look.

Fans were blown away by RM and Balming Tiger‘s performance of “Sexy Nukim“.

As soon as RM performed, a video of it was posted online, and fans could marvel at how hot and charming RM was.

Netizens quickly responded with comments sharing their opinions such as:

The song fits him so well it’s amazing. When he stretched his thighs and smiled with in second “Om, ma,” it cut right through my heart… seriously, the song is just so good.

Seriously, he has such nice proportions.


Ah, I knew it would happen again if I came back here, but he makes my heart hurt so much.

He’s really a dangerous man, too dangerous.

You are sexy nukim Kim Namjoon!!!!!

This is way too much.. What are you doing where there are no ARMYs?!

I can’t sit still… no, really.

Hide Kim Namjoon.

Let’s wear a long padding, Kim Namjoon.

94z are turning 30, which means something big is coming. They are growing up and becoming adults, which is making my life too hard.

What are your thoughts?



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