Fans can’t get enough of (G)I-DLE’s bold and retro concepts for upcoming 5th mini-album “I Love”

(G)I-DLE is getting ready to come back with a brand new concept, and fans love every single teaser that the girl group has put out so far.

For their album “I Love“, which will come out later this month, (G)I-DLE put out some bold, retro teaser photos that show off their charms and charisma. In this set of concept photos, the members show off their sensuality even more.

On the same day, a netizen posted some photos of the concept and said how great it was for the girl group.

The netizen who created the online post explained, “I thought this was the best concept photo (G)I-DLE had ever made. What’s going on with my heart?“.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments and expressed their excitement such as:

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!!!!!

Is that a Marilyn Monroe concept?

Jeon So-yeon seriously ate this concept up.

Minnie seriously looks like a Barbie doll with that hair.

She looks like someone who lived in that generation. It looks like a beauty’s picture taken in 1950 restored.

Shuhua really dyed her hair???? For real???? I saw a few interviews of her saying she won’t dye her hair, anyways, she’s so pretty

Seeing the styling like that, Yuqi and Shuhua really look alike. Not lookalikes, but Shuhua has Yuqi‘s vibe.

They’re always legendary everytime.

No but what’s up with Jeon So-yeon‘s ability to pull off concepts? For real, she reminds me of Monroe..

Wow their visuals are insane.

Just when in the world is this dropping!!!?

Wow how did they pick such good pictures? I know exactly what they’re trying to express. The vibe is daebak.

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE will return with the 5th mini-album “I Love” on October 17 at 6 PM KST. How are you liking their comeback concept?



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