NMIXX’s Haewon reassures fans concerns about their high-heeled shoes while promoting “DICE” on stage

NMIXX is tearing up the stage with their killer heels.

NMIXX‘s second single, “ENTWURF“, came out on September 19 and is being promoted by the song “DICE.”

NMIXX wore sneakers and gave a lively performance to promote their first single “O.O” in February. This time, they’re putting on strong shows while wearing very high heels.

The difficulty of the performance was changed compared to the last one, but the dance break section, which involves sitting down and getting up quickly, seems hard to pull off.

NMIXX picked hooves, except for Bae, who is 171cm tall. In the fan cam video, the heels of 162-cm-tall Jiwoo and 163-cm-tall Haewon look especially high.

Leader Haewon dispelled concerns as fans’ reactions poured in in this regard. Through the fan community, she said, “To be honest, we chose the shoes because we wanted to look a little bit prettier on the screen“.

Haewon reassured fans fans, “I’ve practiced enough to stand on stage with the safest high shoes“.

On the other hand, NMIXX‘s new song “DICE” is about how it won’t give up and will keep going forward no matter what.

It is a “MIXX POP” genre that combines two or more different types of music into one song. It has a very dynamic sound that combines jazz, trap, pop, and hip-hop.



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