TWICE‘s Nayeon Completely Changed Her Eyebrow Shape Over The Years And Netizens Are Loving It

TWICE‘s Nayeon recently changed how she does her makeup, and netizens are arguing about which style looks better on her.

Before she came out, she wore bold, dark color that made her easy to spot. The straight shape of her face gave her a fierce look that went well with her soft eyes.

Fans said that she looked like Snow White in this style and that she had the feel of a traditional beauty, which means that she is pretty in a natural way. But when she changed how she did her eyebrows, she showed that she could pull off a totally different look.

She made her eyebrows lighter to make them look softer, and now her makeup is more typical of what K-Pop idols wear. This eyebrow shape is better for her face than her old one because it has more curves.

When she had thick brows,

Some Netizens like this look because it gives her a softer, more feminine look and makes her beautiful facial features stand out.

Other netizens also commented:

People with thick eyebrows tend to look younger, but thinning them out makes them look more modern.

The “Feel Special” ones and the last one are totally cool.

Nayeon‘s thin eyebrows look better on her.

Thin eyebrows make her look more modern and pretty.

I’m curious, but my eyebrows are as thick as Nayeon‘s used to be, and I have to wax them every month. I wonder if Nayeon waxes hers, too. If she does, does she have to pull out all the other hairs to change the thickness? I also want my eyebrows to be thinner, but I’m too afraid to pluck them all.

Is it in now to have thinner eyebrows? Most of the famous people I’ve seen looked better when their eyebrows were thinner, which I find interesting.

I’m not sure what to think about her eyebrows, but she’s pretty.

How can she make them thinner?

My eyebrows are also thick, so I don’t understand how hers got thinner. Is there something else besides waxing?

Her eyebrows used to not be as thick, but they were more arched. It looks like they cut them all off and gave them a new shape, which made them thicker at first. So while she was out promoting, they were adjusting them to find the best shape for her. I thought the middle one was the most attractive.

No matter which look you like better, the first or the second, everyone agrees that Nayeon is always a beauty goddess.



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