BIBI finally dishes on her wardrobe malfunction at the Seoul 2022 WATERBOMB Festival

BIBI thought back to her recent accident on stage.

Jae Jae, BIBI, and Crush were guests on the “Girl crush” episode of the 352nd episode of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros“, which aired on October 1.

During the show, BIBI talked about her performance at the Waterbomb Festival and said that there was a water-related accident that she hadn’t expected.

BIBI said, “When I took off my T-shirt, the strap came undone, and I almost got in trouble. I don’t usually use stickers, but the staff convinced me to put them on that day“.

She added, “I did agree. There were stickers on my back, too, but they got wet and fell off, so only the ones in front stayed“.

When asked if the front part also fell off, BIBI boldly said, “Then everything would be on the Internet,” which surprised everyone.



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