LOONA’s Chuu says she suffered from binge eating disorder due to stress

LOONA‘s Chuu opened up about her past eating disorder during her trainee days.

Chuu was in the trailer for Channel A‘s “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic“, which aired on September 30.

The actors, like Oh Eun-young and Park Na-rae, who wore bright clothes, couldn’t hide their happy smiles. But the bright smile hid a mysterious pain.

Chuu confessed, “I eat so much that I can’t get enough air. So much that I eat and then throw up. Once, my hands were shaking and my body was stiff, so I went to the emergency room. I know I should not, but I eat so I can be happy for 20 minutes“.

Oh Eun-young diagnosed it as “a kind of self-harm“, and Chuu explained the reason why she couldn’t reveal her inner feelings by saying, “I feel like I’m stuck in a tough situation. I don’t know how to show my appreciation“. Oh Eun-young read her mind, saying, “There is a worry that it will fall apart if you take off the mask“, and Chuu cried so much that she covered her face.

Chuu debuted as a member of the month in 2017. With her lovely image and stable singing ability, Chuu has grown into a unique character. However, compared to Chuu, she didn’t get much attention as LOONA and she became the ‘most girl‘ in the group.

In this process, some suspicions have been raised that there may be a conflict between Chuu and her agency, or between her other members. Attention is drawn to what Chuu, who was always bright, has in her painful heart.

Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic“, in which Chuu appears, will be broadcast at 9:30 pm on October 7th.



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