Netizens amazed by NMIXX’s “DICE” steadily rising on the music charts

NMIXX, a new girl group from JYP Entertainment, recently made their comeback with the song “DICE.”

Many Netizens and fans were impressed by how well the girl group did on the charts of different music sites. Even though they just came out seven months ago, their new song “DICE” made it to #59 on the MelOn Top 100 music chart.

On September 28, netizens were even more surprised that NMIXX was able to rise steadily in the charts, even though people had mixed feelings about the song since it came out.

There is a lot of competition on the charts right now, so fans are happy to hear that NMIXX‘s comeback track is still making it to the charts.

Netizens commented in an online community:

Cool by NMIXX is also a great song, and I’m glad to see female idols doing well.

I only listen to this song these days because I really like the “Big wave, big wave” part.

I used to think this was worse than O.O., but the more I listened to it, the better it got. This is mix pop, but the rhythm isn’t too bad and it’s easy on the ears.

It’s more fun to watch the video and listen to the song at the same time… At first, it seemed a little chaotic, but now I’m slowly getting used to it.

The part about the “big wave” is so good. Kyujin is the wild card for NMIXX.

I didn’t think the song was very good at first, but I really like it now!!

Big wave~ big wave, don’t avoid it.

I love the “Big Wave” part of the song, which is where they really shine.

Oh, I love the song so much now. It looks like a lot of people like the “big wave, big wave” part.

The song is good. Their first song was so strange, but after hearing “DICE” twice, I got used to it right away.

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