Netizens LOL after knowing the reason why BLACKPINK’s Rosé keep doing her controversial “Uneven-Hips” poses

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé caused a stir online last month with her strange pose from the group’s “Pink Venom” concept teaser.

BLACKPINK posted a teaser for a group concept in which she struck a strange pose that netizens have dubbed the “uneven-hips” pose.

Many people were amazed by her, but some Netizens seemed to disagree and made some hateful comments about her.

It turns out that Rosé has a good reason for striking the pose that people don’t like.

On September 2, a post called “The Reason Why Rosé Is Always Standing Like This” about BLACKPINK‘s Rosé started to get a lot of attention on Nate‘s community board.

The person who wrote the post said, “She’s always leaning sideways in their group photos.”

The netizen also said, “When she’s standing straight in their group photos, there’s too much difference in height, so it looks like she’s trying to be the same height as the others.”

Other Netizens responded right away with comments:

Even when the members are standing on their heels in the photos, Rosé is still the tallest. Rosé ‘s solo pictorials make her look like a real model, so she does well in them. She is so good at doing photo shoots that it’s crazy.

I thought the same thing. The difference in height is larger than I thought.

I didn’t think she’d be this tall because she’s thin and girly, but she’s 169!

Jennie is way too small. I bet she’s not even 160 years old.

Even though Rosé is taller than Jennie, Jennie‘s legs look so short when they are side by side.

Wow, Lisa has a small face and long arms and legs, so I thought she was really tall. So cute

No, but their official profiles say that Jennie is 163 and Jisoo is 162, but anyone can see from this photo that Jennie has higher heels than Jisoo.

What are your thoughts on the post about Rosé?



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