Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se And Writer Kim Eun Hee Join Forces For Their Upcoming Drama “Devil” Targeted To Be Broadcast Next Year

Actress Kim Tae Ri and writer Kim Eun-hee join hands.

SBS TV drama ‘Devil‘ (working title) is a story of a woman possessed by a demon and a man who can see the demons in another world with demons when the door is opened.

 ‘Mt. Jirisan’ (2021) writer Kim Eun-hee and ‘VIP’ (2019) PD Lee Jung-rim will produce.

Kim Tae Ri takes on the role of ‘Gu San Young‘, a public student. 

She works part-time during the day and study at night, preparing for the 9th-grade civil service exam. 

After receiving the remains of his deceased father, she is caught up in a mysterious death that keeps happening around her, and she finds herself gradually changing into a different form.

Oh Jung Se plays Yeom Hae Sang, a professor of folklore from a wealthy family. 

He is a figure with ears and eyes to see the deity. 

Through his unexpected opportunity, he gets to know San Yeong and encounters the demon who killed her mother right before his eyes as a child. 

Hong Kyung takes on the role of ‘Lee Hong Sae‘, a police officer in the violent crime investigation team. She is a senior police officer. 

He lives in good taste and only aims for special promotion, but he gets involved in an unbelievable incident even when he sees it while she is entangled with Sanyeong and Haeyang.



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