Korean netizens react to the fact that NCT 127 wasn’t able to sold-out their $39 priced ticket for their comeback showcase

NCT 127 has become a hot topic because of the comments on their upcoming comeback showcase.

On September 15, a post about NCT 127 began trending on enter-talk‘ community board under the title, “NCT 127, WHO COULDN’T FILL A 55K SHOW, WON AT KINTEX.“.

The netizen who posted said, “NCT 127 4th album ‘2 Baddies’ comeback show – Faster” standing area – (regular) 55,000won 8PM September 16th“.

The netizen then added, “891 seats (left)”

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

I just looked at the reservation page, and what the post says is true. Why do the fans say that it isn’t?

The fans who are trying to stop this are funny. Think people are stupid? You’d see it right away if you just looked at the booking page.


“Emergency message from Jeju… NCT singing and dancing to “Earthquake” on the B-side.”

Why do so many trolls follow NCT? ㄷㄷ

The reason 127 fans are so funny is because they keep saying that Chuseok is the reason why their first week sales didn’t go well. However, when the other NCT unit promoted during Chuseok, 127 fans were the ones making fun of them for not being able to fill the third floor of the Olympic stadium with 130,000won worth of tickets, even though they came back on a weekday. Now, they use the “weekday comeback” as an excuse and are fooling themselves about it. At the same time, they make fun of the other unit for not filling up their third floor and call their concert a “empty house.” This show is worth 55,000 won, and now the reason they didn’t sell out is that they don’t have good visibility.

dreamzens vs. 127zens again, and SM will be grinning from ear to ear because these two fandoms will keep buying like crazy to prove that one unit is more successful than the other. They’ll also be happier when their solo albums come out.

SM might be a little disappointed that their most promoted and pushed unit didn’t live up to their expectations, but they’re going to move on. This is probably why Dream is getting more attention now.

What are your thoughts on this?



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