Lee Hyori confessed that she reached out to AOA Jimin during her most difficult times

Due to OSEN’s coverage on the 15th, Jimin from AOA will sing Lee Hyori‘s signature song “U-Go-Girl” on a special stage at JTBC’s “The Second World.”

Jimin chose Lee Hyori‘s “U-Go-Girl” because it means something special to her. This is because Lee Hyori was the first person to reach out to Jimin when she was having a hard time.

After it was found out that Jimin started a bullying incident in the AOA group,s he quit the group and left the entertainment business in July 2020.

But since then, people’s opinions have changed, and Jimin hinted in an Instagram post on January 8 that she would be back for her birthday.

Jimin had been talking about her current situation on SNS. On July 14, she signed an exclusive contract with ALO MALO Entertainment and announced a fresh start. […]

Lee Hyori first got in touch with Jimin through SNS Direct Message when Jimin was having a hard time. Lee Hyori was Jimin’s sunbae from a girl group, but she didn’t know him.

She reached out to her after hearing the sad story of her hoobae. People say that Jimin went to Jeju Island on a whim and got stronger by living with Lee Hyori.

Jimin got help from Lee Hyori, which gave him the strength to get back into the entertainment business. She will perform the “U-Go-Girl” stage as a thank you to Lee Hyori. Because of a special reason, the stage is likely to make people feel emotional. […]

Netizens then commented with the following:

Wow… I knew that she didn’t have many close friends, but that Lee Hyori was the first to reach out to her was such a sweet thing to do.

Wow, Lee Hyori is really cool.


She has no reason to help her. Jimin has already become the bad guy in the entertainment business, and everyone knew it, right? Why wouldn’t she just try to get in touch with her as someone who has been in a girl group before? If there are problems while promoting, it doesn’t mean that one person has to be the aggressor and the other the victim.

Lee Hyori really did save a person’s life.

I hope that Jimin does well.

Honestly, we could have killed someone. People did hurt her, that’s true. People ganged up on her because they thought the other side was telling the truth. It’s funny to see the general opinion suddenly change.

Huh…? But isn’t Jimin the one who did this?

Jimin’s mistakes don’t change the fact that Lee Hyori is the better person.

Putting aside the debate, this action probably saved someone’s life.

What are your thoughts on this?



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