Fans Who Call Lee Dong Wook As Uncle Made Netizens Burst To Laughter, Here’s Why

Actor Lee Dong-wook’s private message is receiving explosive responses.

Netizens are surprised by Lee Dong-wook’s idol-level private message skills.

Universe Private Message is a messenger app that communicates with fans for a fee. Many idols share their daily life with fans through private messages or send private selfies to maintain their existing fandom and induce a new fan base.

This drew the attention of netizens to the news that 42-year-old Lee Dong-wook started using a private message mainly used by young idols.

After that, the reaction of netizens exploded. Netizens posted a transcript of the conversation they had with him on the online community, admiring his high-level fan training skills.

In particular, fans called Lee Dong-wook as an uncle or uncle rather than an older brother, causing netizens to burst into laughter.

Lee Dong-wook revealed his unpretentious appearance by confiding everything from trivial daily stories to his thoughts to fans.

He continued to talk with fans for an hour without a break, exuding a friendly charm without flaws.

Netizens said, “Is it okay for an actor to be this good?”, “Lee Dong-wook reads messages well,” and “I want to stop Lee Dong-wook’s film.”



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