Netizens Think TWICE Mina And Chaeyeon’s Concept Photo Outfits Were Too Revealing And Should Be Removed

While the group TWICE released a concept photo ahead of their comeback, there is a debate over the ‘selectivity controversy’.

On August 17th, JYP Entertainment, the agency, posted a total of 10 individual teasers and group photos on the official SNS channel to give a glimpse into the concept of Twice’s 11th mini album ‘BETWEEN 1&2’.

In the published photos, the members boasting a secret atmosphere and alluring charm are contained.

In particular, Mina wore a top and short pants reminiscent of lingerie to reveal a high level of exposure, while member Chaeyeon matched short pants with a garter belt, fishnet stockings, and high heels.

Some netizens who saw this expressed their displeasure, saying, “The concept goes against the times.”

Netizens pointed out the sensationalism with reactions such as “Put on stage clothes instead of underwear”, “When is the enemy’s garter belt?”, “Sexualization is too severe”, “Can’t we do something like this?”

On the other hand, advocating opinions such as “If Twice’s annual age was different, they would have rejected it”, “The members may have wanted a change in the concept”, “I’m not a minor, I’m just looking forward to it”, etc. There were also netizens who saw it.

TWICE’s new mini-album ‘BETWEEN 1&2‘ and the title song ‘Talk that Talk‘ will be officially released on August 26th at 1 PM, eastern time in the US at midnight.



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