Hwasa Who Can’t Hide Her Embarrassment While Sitting With Anne Hathaway Brought Laughter To Viewers, Here’s Why

Hwasa was embarrassed when the photo she took with Anne Hathaway was mentioned.

At the opening of MBC’s entertainment program ‘Home Alone’, which aired on the afternoon of August 12th, Mamamoo’s Hwasa appeared and drew attention.

Jeon Hyun-moo and Park Na-rae said, “Who is this, Hwasa, come on! Why did you come out after such a long time?” Gian 84 said, “Hwasa is global these days,” and Hwasa said, “I took a picture with Anne Hathaway.”

Rainbow members couldn’t keep their mouths shut saying, “Really?” Then, about the world-famous Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway, he asked, “Are you friends?Hwasa then explained, “We just met at an overseas show.”

Nevertheless, rainbow members were excited, saying, “I think Anne Hathaway knows Hwasa.” Hwasa waved her hand, saying, “You don’t know~”. Park Na-rae said, “Anne Hathaway sat next to me and quietly said ‘dumb’.”

After that, the two-shot was mentioned again. Jeon Hyun-moo shuddered, saying, “When I saw her facial expression, Anne Hathaway was more nervous. Hwasa is a professional.” In the end, Hwasa said, “Hurry up, please.”



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