8 K-Pop Idols Who Are Hated For Their Misleading Facial Expressions

In the land of K-Pop, besides idols with lovely looks, there are also idols with sharp beauty and cold expressions. This inadvertently causes them to be hated while sitting idle, often receiving criticism from netizens.


SinB was the center of attention when she first appeared on the show “Queendom” in season 2.

She was subjected to the evil edit program at the time, which caused the female idol to become embroiled in a number of tense situations.

The reason is that she has a sharp beauty that gives off a cold and haughty vibe. Even after SinB relaxed her facial muscles, others mistook her for scowling and annoyed.

SinB must tried to annotate her feelings in order to solve this problem.

IVE’s Gaeul

Gaeul has a pure and sweet beauty, much like the meaning of her name “autumn“.

Many controversies have recently suggested that the female idol has a tired, sleeping looks. Fans, on the other hand, quickly defended her.

Gauel used to have quite dark eye circles, so the above comparison occurred. Many fans believe that this is the female idol’s distinct charm.


Because Jennie was once referred to as a “pride princess” due to her strong image and personality, netizens frequently chastised her for her cold expression at the airport.

Her natural appearance, on the other hand, was born.

Jennie rose to prominence in the entertainment industry both inside and outside of South Korea thanks to her luxurious beauty.

ITZY’s Yeji

Yeji is a female idol with sharp and attractive cat eyes.

The eyes of the female idol have a slightly slanted and long tail that is very attractive.

This caused her problems because her facial expression was scowling and annoyed.

BTS’ Suga

Suga, the main rapper of BTS, has a cold beauty.

He presents himself as a quiet individual, with an unapproachable expression on his face.

When she shook off her “swag“, Suga surprised many people with his muddiness and cuteness.

EXO’s Sehun

Sehun has a very attractive face that draws fans, but he is also a male idol who frequently causes misunderstandings due to his “difficult” face.

Many non-fans mistakenly believe that Sehun is an unapproachable male idol due to his ice-cold expression and furrowed brows.

Red Velvet’s Irene

Because of her icy face, Irene is known as the “ice goddess”. This has led to numerous criticisms of Red Velvet‘s leader.

When the group’s eldest sister appears in public, she is quite quiet and rarely smiles.

Irene, on the other hand, is a warm person who is always taking care of and joking with her group members.


D.O‘s frowning and squinting expressions often draw attention when he performs or attends events, making his face difficult to approach.

However, it was the male idol who pointed out that he had to squint to see people because he had astigmatism.

Many Korean idols are misunderstood as “hating the entire world” because of their cold demeanor. This is what frequently gets them into unnecessary trouble.



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