Son Seok Koo’s True Nature Caught On Camera While Riding The Subway

Son Seok Koo, who has emerged as the most popular actor of the year, has been reported to be riding the subway.

Recently, an article titled “I Saw Son Seok Koo” was posted on an online community. The writer said, “I was on the subway and I saw Son Seok Koo“. I carefully asked, “Can I take a picture?” and he said, “Let’s do it“.

I was intimidated by the atmosphere, but I was so happy to see him in person“, he said, expressing his fan sentiment toward Son Seok Koo.

The photo released together showed Son Seok Koo and two men posing inside the subway station No. 3. Son Seok Koo is raising his thumb while wearing a black hat and wearing a bag on his back.

Meanwhile, Son Seok Koo, born in 1983, made his debut with the movie “Black Stone” in 2016.

He was loved for his JTBC drama “My Liberation Notes“, which successfully ended the same month as the movie “The Roundup“, which was released in May.

According to official statistics from the Korea Film Commission’s integrated computer network, “The Roundup” recorded a cumulative audience of 12.275,5001 as of the 2nd.

Son will appear in the Disney+ original series “Casino“, which will be released worldwide in the second half of this year.

Actor Choi Min Sik‘s return to the screen for the first time in 24 years, and Lee Dong Hwi and Heo Sung Tae will also appear.

It is a story about a man who became a casino king after many twists and turns and loses everything due to various incidents and returns to the game with his life on the line.



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