Actress Park Min Young Blessed Everyone With Her Long Hair—Without Bangs

With her shiny forehead, Park Min Young made a different impression.

In the afternoon of June 16, Park Min Young posted two photos to Instagram with the caption, “I think I need to protect the Earth.”

In the picture, Park Min Young got people’s attention by putting shiny things on her forehead. Even though she has a unique style, Park Min Young‘s goddess-like beauty shines through.

Park Min Young wore a plain black t-shirt that showed off her thin arms. Even though she was dressed simply, her thick hair and deep features made her look like a goddess.

When fans saw Park Min Young‘s photo, they wrote things like, “You are too much like a goddess to just protect the Earth” and “You are so pretty that your face alone will protect the Earth.

The new tvN drama “Mon Wed Fri Tues Thurs Sat” will feature Park Min Young in the second half of this year.



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