Fromis_9 Roh Ji Sun’s Childhood School Photos Have Surfaced And Fans Can’t Believe How She Looked

Fromis_9 member Roh Ji Sun‘s childhood photos have recently gotten a lot of attention.

On June 13, the online community FOMOS put up an article called “The childhood of a female idol.

The article has a few photos of Roh Ji Sun from Fromis_9 when she was a child. Roh Ji Sun was especially easy for fans to recognize because of the way her eyes always looked so sleepy and attractive.

Roh Ji Sun was born in 1998. In July 2017, he took part in the survival audition show “Idol School,” which aired on Mnet. She started working with Fromis_9 in 2018.

Roh Ji Sun is known to be good at a lot of different things. She used to learn how to cut sashimi because she liked flatfish and wanted to eat it.



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