IVE’s Liz Recent Video Have Netizens Claiming That She Gained Weight And Her Cheeks Are Everything

Liz‘s current situation become a major hot topic.

A video named “KPOP.FLEX BEHIND Part.1” was uploaded to IVE‘s official YouTube account on 1 June.

The video depicts IVE members preparing for their departure to participate in the “KPOP.FLEX” festival held last month in Frankfurt, Germany.

The girls were packing in a nice environment, considering the items they needed to bring for an international schedule.

Particularly, Liz amused the audience by describing her essentials, including AirPods, artificial tears, hair rollers, and luggage. In addition to her acts, it is Liz‘s charming appearance that has captivated people.

Liz appears to have gained weight since the beginning of her debut, making her look even sweeter. Especially when she grins, her big cheeks win the hearts of her fans. Her lovely dimples add to her already abundant charm.

Netizens expressed their admiration for Liz with comments such as “After ‘LOVE DIVE’ promotions, Liz became even more beautiful” and “Liz is my favorite.”

Last year, Liz debuted as a member of IVE. She was born in 2004 and is currently 19 years old.



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