Aespa’s New Album ‘Girls’ Recorded 1 Million Pre-Orders

Aespa will release Girls on July 8 in Korea and the US. Aespa’s second mini-album had 1 million pre-orders.

Aespa’s second mini-album ‘Girls‘ has topped 1 million pre-orders, SM Entertainment said on June 9.

Girls pre-orders began June 2. It had 1 million pre-orders in a week, fueling hopes for a debut million-seller.

Savage, who debuted as ‘Black Mamba‘ in November 2020, and S.E.S. They released hit after hit, including ‘Dreams Come True

Aespa, who just partnered with Warner Records, attracted attention after performing at Coachella in April. She’s also Apple Music’s June ‘Up Next’ Artist.

Aespa’s second mini album ‘Girls‘ will be released in Korea and the US on August 8, and the English single ‘Life’s Too Short’ will be re-released on August 24.



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