Netizens Demands Explanation From Comedian Lee Sang Joon After Claiming He Looks Like Son Seok Koo

When comedian Lee Sang Joon said he looked like actor Son Seok Koo, he was hit with a lot of questions.

On June 7, Lee Sang Joon put a picture on his Instagram.

Actors Son Seok Koo and Lee Sang Joon, who are becoming more popular because of the JTBC drama “My Liberation Notes” and the movie “The Outlaws 2“, are shown together in a picture that was released.

Lee Sang Joon posted the photo and wrote, “I’m not going to say anything else about it.”

About six hours after the picture was posted, at 5 p.m. that same day, the post had over 4,700 “likes” and hundreds of comments.

When Netizens saw this, they were angry and said, “Please explain.

Many netizens said, “Please explain,” “I think you need to explain,” “I need a lot of explanation,” “I think you need to explain,” “Please explain,” and “Please explain, please explain.”

Some said, “It’s not the same dimple,” “I can’t. Let’s go to the room of truth,” and “From the back, it looks more like an alpaca.”

Also, Hong Yun Hwa, another comedian, made everyone laugh when she said, “I really wish there was a dislike button…“.

All of the netizens commented on Lee Sang Joon’s funny joke, which made for a nice atmosphere.

In 2006, Lee Sang Joon made his official acting debut on SBS‘s “Looking for Fun.” He played a part called “This isn’t it” in that show.

After “Looking for Fun” was over, he went to “Comedy Big League” on tvN and made people laugh.



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