Netizens Say BTS’s KPOP Success Is Unmatched After White House Invite

BTS before meeting Joe Biden

Netizens debate BTS‘s once-in-a-lifetime success in Kpop.

Fans can’t believe BTS was invited to the White House to meet with Joe Biden about anti-Asian hate crimes, inclusion, and diversity.

BTS was unexpectedly called to the White House to discuss Asian discrimination with Vice President Joe Biden. BTS made history as the first Kpop group to appear on such a platform.

After this visit, Korean netizens began to wonder if any group can become as huge and influential as BTS. According to them, BTS has achieved more than any Kpop artist before them. The 7-member boy group was dubbed “legendary.”

Some Korean netizens’ thoughts are below.

  • They’re the first Kpop group to have such an impact.
  • I used to think a Blue House invitation was enough… BTS now does White House talks
  • Never again in Korea’s history? BTS would be first and last to do this.
  • BTS’s popularity is unprecedented.
  • They’re legendary. They’re truly unique.

The 7-member male group promotes constructive messages against violence and discrimination. Their unprecedented White House appearance shows the group’s massive impact.

In 2017, BTS and their agency led UNICEF’s “LOVE MYSELF” anti-violence campaign. Since then, the project has helped UNICEF generate funding to improve children’s lives and prevent violence.



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