Lee Na Eun Inks Contract With Namoo Actors

Lee Na Eun, a former member of the group April, made a new nest in Namoo Actors.

According to the Herald POP report on June 2nd, Namoo Actors announced the news of an exclusive contract with Na Eun.

As a result, Na Eun became family with Yu Jun Sang, Lee Jun Ki, Park Eun Bin, Koo Gwa Wan, and Seo Hyun.

Previously, it was rumored that Na Eun had contacted Namoo Actors in April to become an actress. However, Namoo Actons side said, “It is true that I had a meeting with Na Eun, but nothing has been decided regarding her exclusive contract.” 

However, recently, Kim Jong Do, CEO of Namoo Actors, followed Lee Na Eun’s SNS account, and the transfer rumors were once again raised.

A transfer was confirmed a few days after the transfer rumors surfaced. 

Meanwhile, Na Eun debuted in April 2015. Since then, she has appeared in the web drama ‘A-Teen’ series and the MBC drama ‘Extraordinary You‘, and received favorable reviews. 

However, last year, Lee Hyun Joo, a former member of April, was engulfed in controversy when rumors of bullying were raised. In the end, April officially disbanded in January. 

At the time, April’s agency DSP Media said, “After a long discussion and deliberation, we and the members have decided to disband the team and go their separate ways.” 

Currently, the former members of April disbanded without renewing their contract with DSP and are walking their separate ways.


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