TVXQ’s Yunho To Resume Acting Career After 5 Year Hiatus

TVXQ’s Yunho will return as an actor.

Sports Chosun reported on June 2nd that Yunho will return to acting after 5 years. According to reports, Yunho joined the lead role in the new drama ‘Race‘ by Kim Ruri, who wrote ‘Hyena’.

Race‘ is a work that contains the race of life in the rapidly changing digital age.

Yunho will be split into Seo Dong Hoon, the representative of the public relations agency Earth Communication in the play.

Seo Dong Hoon was born in the United States, attended middle and high schools in Korea, graduated from New York Art School in the United States with a major in design, and then went to a design company in the United States.

Actors Lee Yeon Hee and Hong Jong Hyun are their counterparts who work with him. Yunho plans to form a love-line triangle with Park Yun Jo, played by Lee Yeon Hee, and Ryu Jae Min, played by Hong Jong-hyun. Here, he also works with Moon So Ri, who plays Gu Yi Jeong.

Online communities also mentioned that Yunho and Lee Yeon Hee had a controversy over their acting skills side by side in past dramas.

In the 2008 drama MBC ‘East of Eden’, Lee Yeon Hee had a role that requires her weight, but she has been criticized for interfering with her immersion with her rigid and artificial acting.

Since then, she has been constantly trying to change roles in movies and dramas, trying to get rid of the controversy over her acting skills.

In the end, starting with the recent play ‘King Lear‘ as a starting point, Kakao TV’s ‘Marriage White Paper’ showed sensible and natural acting, and removed the tag of ‘acting’.

Yunho also became a controversial figure for his awkward acting in the 2009 MBC drama ‘No Limit‘. However, he also tried to change his image by continuously challenging acting after that.

Yunho returned as an actor after 5 years of ‘Meloholic‘ aired in 2017.

Earlier, during the sensitive time of COVID-19, he stayed until midnight at an entertainment pub and was caught violating quarantine rules. The prosecution did not impose a separate criminal punishment on Yunho, only a fine for negligence.

Yunho, who continued to be self-reliant, moved to Japan in December of the same year and conducted various activities, proving his popularity in Japan.


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