Jung Eun Hye Overtakes Son Seok Koo And Kim Ji Won As The Most Buzzworthy Actor, “Our Blues” Maintains Being The Buzzworthy Drama

In the 4th week of May, the ‘TV Search Reaction’ rankings were released, drawing attention.

On May 2nd, Good Data Corporation, a TV topical research agency, announced a list of ‘Top 10 keywords for TV search response / search reason (week 4 of May)’.

According to the announcement, painter and actress Jung Eun Hye (tvN’s ‘Our Blues‘) surpassed 2nd place Son Seok Koo(JTBC’s ‘My Liberation Notes‘) and 3rd place Lee So Byeol (tvN ‘Our Blues’) to become ‘Drama Appearance Keywords’ It took first place in the Top 10.

Good Data Corporation is announcing TV topics and search responses every week based on the results of netizens searching for TV programs, performers, and related issues on the portal site.

Jung Eun Hye appeared as Yeong Hee, the twin sister of Young Ok (Han Ji Min) in ‘Our Blues‘, which is currently airing, and delivered a message of fun and comfort.

She suffers from Down Syndrome and is a caricature artist who draws people’s faces.

Jung Eun Hye, who plays the role of dreaming of becoming a painter in the play, secretly presented her painting to Young Ok before leaving, making a big impression.

On the other hand, ‘Top 10 Keywords for Drama Performers’ are Jung Eun Hye, Son Seok Koo, Lee So Byul, Lee Min Ki (JTBC ‘My Liberation Notes’), Kim Ji Won (JTBC ‘My Liberation Notes’), Kang Han Na (KBS2 ‘Bloody Heart’), and Kim Ji Eun (SBS’ Again My Life‘), Lee Jun (KBS2’s ‘Bloody Heart‘), Lee El (JTBC’s ‘My Liberation Notes‘), and Bae Da Bin (KBS2’s ‘It’s Beautiful Now’) appeared in that order.

In addition, in ‘Top 10 Drama TV Search Responses’, JTBC ‘My Liberation Notes’, tvN ‘Our Blues’, SBS ‘Again My Life’, KBS2 ‘‘Bloody Heart’, JTBC ‘Green Mothers Club‘, KBS2 ‘It’s Beautiful Now‘ , ‘Golden Mask’, tvN’s ‘Shooting Star’, MBC’s ‘From Now On, Showtime!‘, and SBS ‘From Today‘ were named in turn.


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