Actress Jang Nara Announces Her Marriage To Her Non-Celebrity Boyfriend In A Heartfelt Instagram Post

Actress Jang Nara is getting married.

On June 3rd, Jang Nara made a surprise announcement through her official Instagram account, “Today, I want to share a personal but happy news with you. I’m getting married! ^^“.

She continued, “After dating for over two years with a friend who is 6 years younger than me who works in video, we promised to become partners for life! I made a relationship“, she said directly to the fans, saying, “I wanted to honestly convey this feeling of bliss to the precious people of being able to share life with a wonderful friend!“.

Also, Jang Nara said, “I will live happily!^^” and added, “It feels like just yesterday that I made my debut as an entertainer, but many years have passed. Thank you very much”, she added.

Finally, she said, “I’m planning to come back to you with a fun project right after the wedding, so I’m working hard on the preparation! I will become an actor who does my best at every moment with a heavier grateful heart than before. I’m really sorry that I can’t tell you in detail because I’m worried that this might cause inconvenience. I sincerely ask for your understanding. Thank you always!^^“.

Meanwhile, Jang Nara participated in the narration of the film “The Kindness of Others“, which was produced as a barrier-free version.

She also appeared in the KBS 2TV drama “Sell Your Haunted House“, which ended in June of last year, and she is currently reviewing her next project.



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