PSY Receives Unexpected Criticism From Netizens For “Imitating His Previous Style” In His New Single “That That”

Despite widespread criticism that PSY is attempting to “imitate his previous style,” the single “That That” continues to climb the charts.

PSY has released a new album titled “PSY 9th“, which includes the title track “That That“, which features BTSSuga. This song and album received mixed reactions upon their initial release.

Many people criticized PSY, stating he was still “imitating his past style”.

Despite the criticism, “That That” garnered numerous notable achievements on worldwide music charts.

Many Korean music analysis websites criticize this album for lacking unique melodies and lyrics.

At the same time, they claim that the album recreates a “very PSY” early-era aesthetic. However, the audience appears to still like PSY‘s characteristic tunes and lively dances.

PSY swept a number of Billboard charts with the single “That That,” a collaboration with BTS‘s Suga.

PSY took considerable delight in this song, saying, “Suga spent a lot of time and effort into producing “That That,” therefore I hope the song becomes a big hit.

I don’t plan to give it a chance, releasing the song at this time – when the globe is going ahead after the epidemic,” he added, “but fortunately, a lot of festivals are ready to return, and I think a lot of people will adore this thrilling music.”

“I’m always grateful to people in their 20s who listen to my music; I’d call this album a success if they loved it,” PSY concluded, adding, “I’m amazed I can still wear these suits, weird clothes, and weird dance moves. I haven’t changed all this time“.



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